Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mary Wollstonecraft by the Fleet River, 26 April

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An easy and accessible two hour walk from Tavistock Square, starting at 4.00pm to Old St Pancras Churchyard by about 6.00pm on Sunday afternoon.

Please indicate if you would like to join in: livingstreetskx@googlemail.com
or on Facebook

(Read or download Wollstonecraft's 1796 Book)
More Wollstonecraft from the Islington and Newington Green Unitarians


  1. Three or four people have confirmed they will attend, and a few apologies have been sent via Facebook.

    Please add your interests, attendance/inability and any suggestions.

  2. I just emailed some of this to livingstreets:
    I was excited to read of your walk (on Twitter).

    I have always been a fan of Mary, as a pioneer feminist, way before suffage. When I discovered these events commemorating her 250th anniversary, I decided to help publicise them:

    Would you like to come to any, or publicise them? Most of the events are this weekend, and the tombstone tribute Sunday afternoon overlaps with your walk, but there is a concert
    on MAy 2, and the art exhibition continues till then. All
    profit goes to
    (which I must admit I had not heard of before).

    You can follow her story on Twitter: female utopia school,
    heartbreak and jumping off Putney Bridge, publishing triumph, etc:

    My slogan for her:
    Learn, earn, read, write, teach, travel, love, live.